Members of the Workplace Solutions Team


Kendall Smith (Jackson)

Bob Smith (Jackson)">

Bob Gault (New Albany)

Anita Fortenberry (Jackson)

Marisa Elrod (Jackson)">

Charlotte Hall (Jackson)

Pat Shumaker (Meridian)

Larry Brown (Greenville)

Scott Kimbrell (Natchez)

Mary Frances Staton">

Mac Haley (Jackson)

Julie Loftin (Jackson)

Krista Campbell (New Orleans)

Chris Guasco (New Orleans) (New Orleans)

Jacob Stempky Orleans)

Ginger Powell"> (New Orleans)

Dell Lawrence"> (Natchez)


Office Supply Division Purchasing

Willie McAfee (Jackson)">

Customer Service

Ginger Ford (Jackson)

Maria Taylor (Jackson)">

Barbara Hines (Jackson)



Susan Tate (Jackson)

Beth Brown (Jackson)">

Tony Srite (Jackson)

Ron Knight (Jackson)

Mike Herm (Jackson)

Debbie Perniciaro (New Orleans)

David Reeder (New Orleans)

Ian Dyer (New Orleans)



Stephanie Bennett

Dolly Findley

Courtney Powell




Emilly Kimbrell

Anna Shoemaker

Erika Ebright">

Cathleen Snead