Our Company

Workplace Solutions, is a full service office furniture and office supply dealership that serves Mississippi and Louisiana. We are committed to customer satisfaction and take pride in our company and our role in the community.

At Workplace Solutions we believe that architecture, furniture and technology can be combined to create spaces that  help people to reach their full potential. We believe that space matters and that it can enhance peoples ability to learn, work and heal.

Our Mission:

To be a high performance company that:

  • attracts customers and exceeds their expectations
  • provides an enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding environment for our employees
  • values long-term relationships with suppliers
  • serves and supports the community
  • achieves solid financial performance
  • improves the working lives of our clients

Our Values:

Customer Centered
Focus on customers’ needs to consistently deliver optimal and mutual value.

Build Trust & Credibility
Do what you say and say what you do, above all be honest.

Respect for the Individual
Treat each other with dignity and integrity.

To customers and employees for commitments, results and quality.

Creatively develop and use capabilities to improve the way we work and to produce value.

Use tools, technology and processes best suited to sustain our competitive advantage.