In honor of May 4th, Workplace Solutions presents…

Star Wars Characters as Office Furniture

Welcome to a galaxy where the Force meets the workplace! In this exploration, we draw parallels between iconic Star Wars characters and our dynamic office furniture. Just as each character brings a unique blend of strengths, personalities, and stories to the Star Wars universe, so too do these pieces of furniture enrich and enhance the modern workspace. Join us as we journey through this cosmic comparison, and discover how our products can enhance productivity, comfort, and style in your workspace!

Now, let’s make the jump to lightspeed!

lightspeed jump from Star Wars

First up…

Luke Skywalker next to an image of Migration SE by Steelcase

LUKE SKYWALKER is Migration SE by Steelcase

Luke Skywalker is the height-adjustable desk, Migration SE by Steelcase! Just like this versatile furniture, Luke rises above challenges with ease, adjusting his Jedi perspective and maintaining a positively charged outlook. He’s as adaptable as the sitting or standing desk, seamlessly shifting between tasks and environments. And let’s not forget his unwavering optimism—even in the darkest galactic moments, Luke’s belief in the Force of good keeps him going, much like how Migration SE keeps you on your feet (literally) during those long work hours!

Princess Leia next to an image of Ocular by Steelcase

PRINCESS LEIA is Ocular™ by Steelcase

Embodying commanding yet elegant qualities, Princess Leia and Ocular™ by Steelcase represent leadership. Leia, a natural leader in the Rebel Alliance and Resistance, excels in diplomacy, negotiation, and strategic planning. Ocular™ is designed for hybrid collaboration. This conference table has a unique shape that enhances sightlines for in-person and remote participants. It serves as a focal point for leadership discussions and decision-making in a hybrid workplace. Both Leia and Ocular™ encourage communication, collaboration, and idea exchange, fostering team engagement and facilitating effective decision-making. This piece would also be great for seamless interaction via holo-transmissions!

Han Solo next to an image of the West Elm Work Mesa Sectional

HAN SOLO is West Elm Work Mesa Sectional

Han Solo, much like the stylish and versatile West Elm Work Mesa Sectional, embodies charisma and adaptability. He’s not just a skilled pilot but also adept at negotiation, improvisation, and using his wit to navigate tricky situations. This quality of versatility allows him to handle various tasks and roles effectively, just as this modular lounge system can adapt to different workspace arrangements and preferences. Additionally, Han’s preference for customization and independence is reflected in the practical yet stylish design of the West Elm Work Mesa Sectional. It allows for flexibility in workspace setup, catering to different work styles and needs. Like Han, who is a statement figure combining style with functionality, this lounge system serves as a statement piece in any office environment. You love it? We know.

Chewbacca next to an image of Pantagruel Round Picnic Table by Extremis

CHEWBACCA is Pantagruel Round Picnic Table by Extremis

Chewbacca, known for his immense strength and unwavering loyalty, can be likened to the Pantagruel Round Picnic Table. Just as Chewbacca handles tough situations with ease and supports his friends with determination, the Picnic Table is designed for connectivity and dependable support. Chewbacca’s physical and emotional strength mirrors the table’s ability to withstand heavy use and provide reliable support. With its Lazy Susan, a central revolving tray, the table facilitates effortless collaboration among companions, eliminating those awkward moments of passing items around. The table ensures smooth communication and convenience, much like Chewbacca’s role in supporting and connecting with his friends in the Star Wars universe.

R2-D2 next to an image of Montage Panel Systems by Steelcase

R2-D2 is Montage Panel Systems by Steelcase

R2-D2, the beloved droid from Star Wars, is the Montage Panel Systems—a multifunctional workstation that embodies R2-D2’s resourcefulness, versatility, and technological prowess. Much like R2-D2, the Montage Panel Systems are practical, reliable, adaptable, and technologically advanced. This workstation combines a desk, storage compartments, and integrated technology for efficient and organized work. It’s like having R2-D2’s handy compartments and tools at your fingertips, minus the beeps and boops but with all the helpful functionality! This station provides convenient charging options for devices and accessories, ensuring connectivity and productivity throughout the workday. Just as R2-D2 is an indispensable companion in the Star Wars universe, the Montage Panel Systems have become an essential tool for modern offices, offering a seamless blend of functionality, innovation, and style.

C3PO next to an image of meeting room using Logitech Scribe technology

C-3PO is Logitech Scribe

C-3PO, known for his communication skills, attention to detail, and service-oriented nature, finds a technological counterpart in Logitech Scribe. This high-tech whiteboard camera, powered by AI, is like having a droid in your video meetings, ensuring that every scribble and diagram is crystal clear for remote viewers, similar to how C-3PO facilitates seamless communication and collaboration. Much like C-3PO’s linguistic abilities and meticulous nature, Logitech Scribe ensures accuracy and efficiency in tasks and interactions. It’s a testament to how technology can embody and enhance human traits, making it a valuable asset in modern communication and collaboration settings.

Yoda next to an image of Brody by Steelcase

YODA is Brody by Steelcase

Yoda, known for his profound wisdom and insight, embodies the ideals of patience, calmness, and mentorship. He has a deep understanding of the Force, life, and the universe, making him a revered mentor and teacher in the Star Wars universe. Much like Yoda, Brody provides a comfortable and serene space for reflection and mindfulness. It’s like having your own little Jedi training ground in the office, minus the lightsabers (unfortunately). Brody’s design encourages a calm and focused mindset, perfect for channeling your inner Jedi and mastering your work tasks. Brody serves as a peaceful retreat within the office environment, promoting relaxation, focus, and a sense of balance. Its design is conducive to deep thinking and concentration, making it an ideal choice for universities or focus areas where concentration and mindfulness are valued.

Padmé Amidala next to an image of the West Elm Work Belle

PADMÉ AMIDALA is West Elm Work Belle

Padmé Amidala, known for her diplomatic skills, leadership qualities, compassion, courage, and intelligence, finds her match in the West Elm Work Belle. This piece creates a welcoming atmosphere for positive interactions and reflects Padmé’s resilience and creativity with its unique design and bold color options. Despite its informal look, the West Elm Work Belle offers an organized and functional space, making it ideal for office environments that value both style and functionality while embodying Padmé’s multifaceted persona. Particularly suited for lounge areas, collaboration spaces, or work cafés, the West Elm Work Belle fosters open communication and positive interactions with others. It’s the kind of furniture that says, “I’m here to get things done, but let’s do it in style!”

Anakin Skywalker next to an image of Leap by Steelcase

ANAKIN SKYWALKER is Leap by Steelcase

Anakin Skywalker, known for his intensity and drive, can be symbolized by Leap by Steelcase, particularly a red one. The red color adds a bold and dynamic touch to the workspace, mirroring Anakin’s passionate and determined nature. Similar to Anakin’s complexity and adaptability, the Leap chair can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Its flexible and adaptable design allows for customizable arrangements, ergonomic support, and versatility in work styles and preferences. Just as Anakin experiences personal growth and transformation over time, from a young Jedi apprentice to a powerful Sith Lord, the Leap chair evolves with the user’s changing needs and requirements. Both Anakin Skywalker and the Leap chair represent a journey of growth, change, and adaptability, making them fitting symbols for dynamic and evolving work environments.

Darth Vader next to an image of Leap by Steelcase with headrest

DARTH VADER is Leap by Steelcase

Darth Vader, a symbol of power and authority, finds his match in the office chair Leap by Steelcase, but presented in black to reflect Anakin’s transformation to the “dark side.” This high-backed executive chair embodies Vader’s imposing, authoritative, and sleek yet functional persona. The high-back design of the Leap chair symbolizes Vader’s powerful presence and leadership. It provides both comfort and support while exuding a sense of authority and control in any workspace. With its sleek and modern design elements, including dark colors, the Leap chair complements Vader’s aesthetic and style. Just as Darth Vader commands respect and authority, the Leap chair commands attention and admiration in the office environment. It represents a fusion of power, functionality, and sophisticated design—a perfect companion for those looking to channel their inner Sith Lord during a busy workday!

We hope you enjoyed this comparison between our office furniture and these beloved Star Wars characters! At Workplace Solutions, you’ll discover not only the pieces highlighted but also an extensive array of furniture, all harmonizing functionality with style. Whether you need an adaptable desk like Migration SE by Steelcase or a commanding chair like Leap by Steelcase, our collection has you covered. Contact Workplace Solutions today to bring the power of these iconic designs into your workspace and make every day a galactic adventure, and…

May the Force be with you

Written by Maci Spahr