Configurable, contemporary, cool. Villa lounge seating is a complete collection of versatile seating shapes and pieces to create the right configuration for any space.

Designed by Keith Metcalf, Villa is lounge seating with a building block approach. Villa components can be connected to form small, medium, or large seating arrangements that work great in freeform lounge spaces or smaller niches. According to Metcalf, an additional design component was the ability to use varied upholstery and leather options on Villa backs, arms, and seats. By using a mix of colors and patterns, it is easy to delineate a space with Villa lounge seating.

Adapt to changing work environments, easily:

  • Extensive series of lounge seating with one-, two-, and three-seat options, arm and armless versions, tables, benches, and more
  • Gang pieces together for design flexibility and efficient space division
  • Highly configurable and contemporary for comfort in any location

Complementary to various work styles and Kimball Office solutions:

  • Convert a lounge space into a workspace by adding Fluent or Scenario tables
  • Create a welcoming lobby area, a cozy lounge setting, or a productive workspace