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Barefield Workplace Solutions is open for business unless there is a declared State of Emergency. There may be times, however, when we will delay opening. Use common sense and your best judgment, however, when traveling to work in inclement weather.

In the event of inclement weather, we remain open for business during regularly scheduled working hours. You are expected to report for work in inclement weather if it is at all possible to do so safely. In the event we close due to inclement weather, someone in your work group will contact you or be reported through the recommended company information portal. Please keep your work group and manager informed on how to reach you on such occasions.

If you arrive at work after the scheduled opening time, that time is charged to your earned PTO. You should always use your discretion in getting to work. Barefield Workplace Solutions attempts to accommodate individual situations by allowing the use of personal/sick time and vacation time in these situations.

When potentially dangerous weather develops during the day and a decision is made by management to close before 5:00 you will be compensated as if you had worked to the end of your regularly scheduled hours for that day. If you elect to leave prior to a decision being made by Barefield Workplace Solutions to close early, you will be required to use accrued PTO  time at the same rate as if you arrived after your scheduled start time.


Important Numbers:

New Albany Office :662-534-0882

Natchez Office: 601-442-1494

Jackson Office: 601-354-4960

New Orleans Office: 504-522-9558

New Orleans Warehouse: 504-838-0730


Transfer Telephones (Southern Telecommunications): 601-981-8888


National Weather Service of New Orleans: 504-522-7330

National Weather Service of Jackson, MS: 601-936-2189