Modern Design Comes to Classic City

Workplace Solutions, a company focused on creating smarter workspaces with a modern aesthetic, has just landed in New Orleans. Through insight research and sustainability efforts, the company provides commercial furniture, architectural products, flooring, and technology services that help promote a more productive work culture. The company is a Steelcase Authorized Dealer but also works with other design-focused furniture companies such as Global and Kimball and is also a certified Microsoft Surface Hub Reseller.

The Workplace Solutions work-life center incorporates a mix of modern office design coupled with the classic architecture that defines New Orleans. Throughout the colorful showroom, the vibrant artwork of local artists Josh Hailey and Brittany Shall can be seen complementing the walls, all of which are available for purchase. The large open design encourages a community workspace that promotes productivity and creativity. Designer Megan Zimmerman says her inspiration was based on the company logo color palette. “I chose bright colors and textured fabrics that people may not necessarily consider on their own. I wanted to showcase the possibilities and energize the space.”

Owner and CEO Paul Maczka has been working in the ergonomic furniture industry for 30 years and has been working with Steelcase since 2004. While Workplace Solutions started in Jackson, MS, Maczka has recently expanded his reach to New Orleans after he and his wife fell in love with the city and its rich culture. Maczka wanted to encapsulate the welcoming nature of the city in the design of the space. This sentiment is evident as one walks through the colorful open-air environment. His intention was to create a community environment where his employees, customers, and guests would feel just as welcomed as he did coming to New Orleans. When asked what his favorite place in the showroom was, “The work café because it is an inviting, versatile space that encourages team collaboration.”

As a Platinum Sponsor of the International Interior Design Association, Workplace Solutions hopes to work with designers, architects, and commercial real estate agents in the Greater New Orleans area. Visit the Workplace Solutions showroom to explore the possibilities of an office makeover. The work-life center is located at 401 Saint Joseph Street and is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. For more information, please visit:

Our mission at Workplace Solutions is to be a high-performance company that attracts customers and exceed their expectations by providing an enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding environment for our employees. At Workplace Solutions, we value long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Our goal is to serve and support our community to help them achieve solid financial performance and improve the everyday working lives of our clients.

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