Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Café Escapes® Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup® Pack An elegant and satisfying dark chocolate experience, with rich European sophistication. Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa intensity at the touch of a button! Developed expressly for your Keurig brewer. Escape with the rich, sophisticated flavors of Dark Chocolate. Café Escapes creates dessert in a mug – a treat…

Chai Latté Specialty

Café Escapes® Chai Latté Specialty  K-CUP® SPECIALTY. Mesmerizing aromatics with flavors of black tea and exotic spices, smoothed by a splash of milk and sugar.

Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Café Escapes® Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa  K-CUP® SPECIALTY. This sophisticated, sweet cocoa is a classic favorite for all ages.

Café Mocha Specialty

Café Escapes® Café Mocha Specialty  K-CUP® SPECIALTY. A perfect pairing of cocoa and coffee for a rich and creamy experience.