Active learning classroom at University of New Orleans

Workplace Solutions and University of New Orleans partner on Steelcase Pilot Classroom Program

Active Learning environments is a growing trend within the K-12 and Higher Education segments, and University of New Orleans is now able to test this teaching and learning style starting this fall. Utilizing a pilot classroom program through Steelcase, Workplace Solutions and University of New Orleans came together to create a classroom that is generating…

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Empower Your Work, Team + Business with Creative Spaces

Creativity is in the details. It pushes boundaries, builds experiences, sees possibilities and fosters teamwork. It asks why, and connects everything. Today, we’re seeing a shift toward more creative work at the office. The need to be creative in our jobs to solve problems and help stimulate growth is not reserved solely for artists or…

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Having a Creative Space Can Make You More Productive

Today’s modern business world is changing. Along with advancement in technology, there is a greater emphasis on the value of creativity as a means to generate efficiency and productivity.   With the focus of companies turned toward how they can boost their employees’ creativity, it’s more important than ever to incorporate creative work environments  into…

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Creative Spaces With Every Kind of Employee in Mind

It’s no secret that no two employees are alike. Every team has employees who work differently and have different needs when it comes to being creative. In order to support your team members and encourage creativity, it’s important that you provide the right kinds of spaces that will enable your team to innovate.  Below are…

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