The New Power of Privacy

Why more access to privacy is critical in today’s workplace. Hybrid work is taxing our brains in new ways. We’re…

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Star Wars Characters as Office Furniture

In honor of May 4th, Workplace Solutions presents… Welcome to a galaxy where the Force meets the workplace! In this…

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students at a table

Class, Can I Have Your Attention?

Space can help improve student attention, engagement and learning outcomes. Are colleges and universities adequately preparing students to be successful…

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Workplace Solutions Showroom artwork

Inspiration Office: The Artist’s New Canvas

Workplace Solutions in New Orleans partnered with local artists to create a dual-purpose showroom and art gallery. When artist Josh…

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people standing and sitting at height-adjustable desks

Standing Desk Research Reinforces Benefits of Standing

The new ‘Stand Up to Work’ study finds height-adjustable workstations help productivity, concentration and improve overall health. A recently-released workplace…

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drawing of an office pod

Designing With Pods

Four things you should think about when adding pods to your floorplan. For most of us, a typical workday involves…

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gamer using Steelcase furniture

How Ready Is Your Campus?

It’s Time to Design Spaces Where Esports Can Thrive All over the world, students are bringing their skills and passions for esports with them to school. However,…

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image of tent

Tents at Work?

The exciting new Steelcase Work Tents Collection brings privacy and comfort to the office Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Pineapple…

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hybrid office

Five Things Your Office Needs to Attract Gen Z + Millennials

Younger workers seek out the office as a resource, but need more out of their space. Steelcase research shows younger…

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New Work Needs New Walls

New Steelcase Everwall adaptable architecture helps organizations navigate change and gives people spaces that  work better Even before the pandemic,…

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